Enjoy the View

Last Month my husband and I took a trip to Costa Rica.  We had a blast!  But I wasn’t the only one on the trip nor was I the only one that would have memories from the trip. I began to ponder how I would get his input…..Got it.

My husband loves TV so I knew whatever involvement I was going to get needed to be quick and to the point.  I emailed him 4 questions to answer regarding the trip. I knew his view point would be different from mine as he as been all over the world and I have not.  So sit back and Enjoy The View.


Naturally this was a big event totally worth scrap booking with a bazillion photos right?  RIGHT? However every photo, for me, doesn’t warrant an Oscar some are just supporting photos.  This helps with the after vacation overwhelmed factor.  I felt his point of view is just that, no photo needed to convey a feeling I have the feelings in writing.

Lets break it down.
I wanted this to be a fun, boy girl kinda page since it was both our thoughts about a tropical location. I gathered my supplies and got busy.


At first too bland I was missing something…duh girl color..PINK!  Ah much better.
Once I got the base layer down time it was time  print out my answers which in this case took the place of my photo and got busy!


To embellish the responses I added a few embellies and stamps but kept them in the boy girl theme of pink and blue.


used my silhouette to cut out the country of Costa Rica remember the best way to not forget about you die cutters is to use a die cut on every layout/card.


I used Momento ink on the top and bottom portion of the wood cut title.  Love how it turned out.



All done.

Looking for other ways to get family involved try these:
Use Social Media-tweets, FB posts, pictures they’ve taken.
Email a list of questions as I have done here
Simply Ask-record answers on a device or type them down
Create a lists of prompts.

If you have anymore tips please share I’d love to hear about them.


Art Journaling, Getting to know God

Spiritual Circle Journal and *GIVEAWAY*


I had the privilege of going to a One day women’s retreat this weekend, Seeking God in fresh new ways.

I walked away feeling like I was given a game plan to spend more time with My God.  Time.  That’s the key word. If you follow either one of my blogs you know time is what I don’t have.  (Confession) What I also know is I will find time for the things want to do.

I was invited by my friend and Sister in Christ Gladys.


The retreat was about 30mins away from 9-4.  There were about 24 attendees all there for different reasons but the main reason was to find a way to have a deeper closer relationship with Christ.  The First half of the Retreat which focused on our lives, schedules and how to apply the Spiritual Circle Journal was facilitated by Christian Life Coach Liz Lassa.


 You can read her story here.  

Here’s a glimpse into my Journal Entry:1-IMG_1076



It was so interesting there were a room full of ladies and during quiet time I felt so intimate as I wrote in my Journal.  I really needed a method like this.  It reminds me of Project Life for the Bible it can be a simple or elaborate based on your life.

The remainder of the day was hosted by The Creative and very talented Christian Artist Tamara Peterson. This time was allotted for art journaling which I had never done.  I have been scrapbooking for about 2 years but never journaled.   We created a small canvas as well.  My word for 2105 is  community.  








The retreat was personal, the attendees and hosts were loving and transparent.  The event was administratively professional, punctual,  and definitely gave you a practical solution to spending more time with God.

I encourage you to read the 1st chapter which Liz provides for FREE here. Not an Artist, not interested in all the decorating that’s fine too.  This journal is not about decorating its about spending time with the Creator so you can have a deeper relationship with Him.  Words will do.

I recommend this retreat as I think it is a new way at looking your quiet time and your study time.

So in an effort to spread the Gospel and help you grow in your walk with Christ I purchased an extra journal to give away.  I am not affiliated with Liz but I do agree that the Spiritual Circle Journal is a fresh way to Renew your relationship with God or start a relationship with Him.

*Spiritual Circle Journal Giveaway*



Spiritual Circle Journal

Embellishments-can be used for art journaling canvas

Prayer Card

Color Pencils

PL 3 x 4 journaling cards

This contest will go Sunday January 25-February 13.  I will randomly choose a commenter.

Giveaway Rules:

Leave a Comment HERE telling me how you spend time with the Lord.

At His Service,


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Scraproom Redo-Part4 The End!

You’ve made it…to the end of my scraproom redo!  Here are the last pictures.  This portion is directly opposite of the window and desk.  This is actually the closet.

View of the closet open, I am considering removing the shuttered bifold doors.

This is basically where my die cutting takes place with my Sizzix and Silhouette.  I made the curtain an that wall piece to the left is actually one of the drawer lining I removed and hung on the wall.

All things related to my Silhouette

All the Cardstock-arranged in ROYGBIV and on the top patterned paper.

The paper is color coded so I can find it easily also.



That’s it!  Whew I hope you have found ways to organize your supplies and find piece in your crafting!




Scraproom Redo-Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my scraproom!  *Warning this is very photo heavy!*


View of one side of the room

Bottom half view

Curtain fabrics are from Joanns, rod and clips are from Target.

Lefts Side of the Room

At the very top are mini albums, premade  pages for my Etsy shop and extra storage in the suit box cased.  The third from the top houses my magazines, photos, and partially made pages.



Now on to the Bottom half! Below the shelving are my Copics, Washi Tapes, Date stamps, clothes pins and my exacto set.




All the white shelving is the recollection from Michaels.  Its is Death to assemble…easy but time consuming.  Be aware that some shades my be off white I did have to exchange a few.  Would I suggest it most definitely!







Bottom left side of room

Inside of the letter press drawers…I added labels to the letter box since they didn’t have handles.

6 x6 paper pads

12 x 12 plain cardstock

Paper pads 8x8 and 12x12

Sticker sheets

Chip board







Layouts, Scrapbooking



Continuing the Road Trip Series with a pocket page layout.  Grandmama and I would often go the library together.  She would go into the murder mystery section  and I would go into the  youth section.



My Main photo is the bench that sits in from of the library and yes I cut it in half.  I wanted the elements to reflect my feelings and memories.



I used all kinds of elements stickers, letter stickers, paper clips, sequin and a ton of love.



I ripped a page out of the book, stickers and a library stamp.



The Library is a great way to have an adventure with loved ones and one that I will cherish.