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Scraproom Redo-Part4 The End!

You’ve made it…to the end of my scraproom redo!  Here are the last pictures.  This portion is directly opposite of the window and desk.  This is actually the closet.

View of the closet open, I am considering removing the shuttered bifold doors.

This is basically where my die cutting takes place with my Sizzix and Silhouette.  I made the curtain an that wall piece to the left is actually one of the drawer lining I removed and hung on the wall.

All things related to my Silhouette

All the Cardstock-arranged in ROYGBIV and on the top patterned paper.

The paper is color coded so I can find it easily also.



That’s it!  Whew I hope you have found ways to organize your supplies and find piece in your crafting!




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