Road Trip Series-At work Part 2

Lets continue our series shall we?  After my grandmother retired…she never stopped serving and that’s the story I want to tell.  She was quite the go getter I admired her spirit and ability to be selfless.  After leaving Beecham she joined the Senior Aid Program.  She was too funny!  Her assignment through the Senior Aid program was the Salvation Army.  What What? We love the thrift store!!!!!!!  We were in hog heaven I was so excited for her because she loved the thrift store and EVERYTIME we got together we hit the thrift store!  So here is part 2 of Heart at Work.




The Daily Stories Collection had large fonts so I used it to my advantage.  I used a file folder to contain the Base Layer of the layout.  To break up the diagonal background I used a banner tail and a few layers.  Wrapped it all up with some twine.



My journaling is in the inside but not private….I put the word open on the tab.  You also could have hid the journaling behind the file folder.  TIP: Don’t be afraid to use file folders on your pages.


I wanted to make sure the elements make sense to the story I am trying to tell.  Big Heart, True and You.  Here are a few





Happy Memory Making!








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