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Beale Street


How are you paper Goddess’s doing?  I am great and I have been crafting, DIY-ing and all sorts of things this summer.  Summer time always is a challenge for me..I want to enjoy the festivities but I also want to hibernate an MAKE!  Grr…so Torn!  When visiting my Mom we had always heard about Memphis in May, Beale Street, MLK Civil Rights Museum and the Lorraine Motel. This layout focuses on Beale Street:



I normally use one photo so I try to change up my style a bit here.  I tried to capture the macro and the micro.  I split the page, used stamps and stars and made the page busy…like the venue.





“Jazzy” royal thrones



1-IMG_5558I didn’t use a ton of dimension as it wasn’t needed.  What is raised the the location which is what ‘s important.



Silhouette cut titles my fave and that wrapped up Beale street.


Happy Summer!




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