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The Call


I hope you are doing great and taking advantage of the summer goodness.  I will admit…I have not.   I have been inside doing all kinds of things check it out here.  This is the final day for my kill the kit series and this layout is so personal, raw and memorable…but it doesn’t have a picture.


The Story:

I grew up not knowing my biological dad. I always wanted to know who he was?  did I look like him? did he remember me?  would my life have been different if I would have known him? As a Christian I know that God allows revelations in his own timing just as he did her.  Out of the blue I was chatting with my Grandmother about my dad on the phone.  I told her I was searching for him but couldn’t find any unique identifiers since he has a common first and last name.  She turns to my uncle and begins to ask him something or another.  She turns and says your uncle was married to your dads wife sister!  I was like ….WHAT?  do you have a name?  He gave me the name.  It was like a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark …you have the missing piece of something important …one you use it you will change the world. It did.  I took the name and found a phone number in AOL white pages.  I called. Out of the blue I called my dads In-laws after  27 years.



I don’t have any techniques just some layering a precious memory.








You don’t always have to have a picture to share a memory, don’t ever let that stop you from having your story told.

Supplies: Scraptastic May Add-On Kit.




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