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A Self Less Act-Kill the Kit Series


Welcome to layout number two in this month’s Kill the Kit series.  This was a very special layout.  My grandmother passed away 2 years ago.  She was the best and my closest family member.  When she got ill things were not the same we didn’t talk everyday like we use to, things just changed.  For Mothers day weekend we decided to surprise my Mom in Memphis, its 560 miles.  The day before my husband was running to catch the bus and fell in a pothole!  Ankle Swollen…bad.  Oh no we were leaving the next.  I had just gotten released from my Doctor and the physical therapist for Pirformis Syndrome and was panicked that I may have to drive.  I got of work the next day we got packed and spousie said no worries I will drive.  I said are you sure, he said yes.  He drove to Memphis ….the entire way. I felt so grateful and blesed we to got to to my mom’s at 3:50am.  We rested on Saturday.  Sunday even with a sore foot spousie agreed to drive me to my Grandmothers town another 4 and a half hours so I could go back and capture all the memories that were important to her and I.  It meant the world to me, what a Selfess Act.


I used some stickers from Heidi swap, thickers, and my butterfly punch.

When working with busy or highly textured you can break up the pattern as I have done here.



Interactive layouts rock!

I  used the cut apart sheet and since there were 4 I cut the sheet in strips but did not cut them into 3 x 4’s. That left me with 3 strips of four 3 x 4’s connected together. I figured out which way wanted to cards to fold in accordian shape and then scored them so they would be nice and neat. I did lose a few to make the shape accordian but that was ok with me. I made sure that added to the story. 






I love this layout and the story to go with it.  Have you ever created an interactive layout? Do Share.




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