Things I am lovin

April-Things I am loving right now


I interrupt this Kill the kit series to share some of the things I am loving right now!  Lets get to  it!

Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: Apartment Therapy

Domino Magazine

Do you remember Domino it was published year back and they stop publishing in 2009.  I was …ugh lost for words and super disappointed.  Its a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-UL HOME magazine, its young, trendy and the interiors are just gorgeous!  I was in Whole Foods and saw it on the shelf and had to do a double take.  I had to have it!  HERE is a post relishing over Domino’s return.  High Five! $12


Caffeine App for Mac

LIFE SAVER and perfectly named.  This app puts a teensie coffee cup icon in your menu bar to keep your computer from going to sleep.  Man Oh Man I needed this….bad.  Trying to follow and recipe and having to turn the computer back on….PAIN in the nether region.  Problem Solved! FREE


VistaClad Ceramic Cookware

I needed to replac my old Everyday Non-stick Calphon set with ceramic as I have changed my diet to healthy clean eating. I didn’t realize that even the high end non stick surface once heated about 500 degrees can still come off in your food.  …..ugh..NO.  Mine were also peeling..I shutter to think what I have eaten already! I purchased these from Crate and Barrel and they are the bomb! Safe and Super easy to clean!  The price is steep for only 7 pieces so you may need to skip a few meals to purchase these.  I am goona say AMEN to my wedding Crate and Barrel Giftcard as that is how I purchased mine.  $299


Creative Nail Design Sticky Base Coat

All Hail!  This basecoat is awesome.  It makes our nail polish stay on for at least a week under knitting, washing dishes, scrapbooking, sewing and whatever else you can throw at it. $8-15



Since I use my Silhouette on 99% of my layouts I am addicted to titles.  Here are some of my faves:

Grand Hotel: Font Squirrel


Coolvetica-Da (learned of this one from Kerri Bradford Class


paper and more

I used Paperandmore to make my wedding invitations so I was familiar with their quality.  I ordered 12 x 12 cardstock 50 sheets for $12.99!  Normally I get Bazzill 25 sheets for 10.00



Give Your Photo’s  Stories Podcast-Debbie Hodge

It is such a joy to listen to this podcast.  Its like listening to sisters chat about memory keeping.


Scraps of Color Blog/ScrapsofColorSocial Network

What I love about Scraps of color is the community.  Its a smaller community where you don’t get lost your get help input, tutorials and fellowship.



Return to knitting and Ravelry!

Oh I have had a rekindled love affair with knitting/crochet and all things fiber!  I have reorganized and cast on a few projects.  I finished my socks after 2 years in the making and the fire started!  If you are a fiber sista as well I encourage you to become apart of the Ravelry community.  Its fiber heaven!

Fresh Squeezed Juices!

Since I have changed my diet to clean eating I don’t purchase juice anymore instead everything is fresh squeezed…yum.  Grab some fruit and start juicing!


So….what are some things your loving?







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