Things I am lovin' right now

10 Things I am lovin’ right now!

Hi Peeps!

The crafting industry is constantly changing and evolving.  I find myself liking things I didn’t like before, new things and just all sorts of stuff.  I am always getting new kits but sometimes I don’t share so hey Spring is coming its time to make a change.  I want to share with you some things that I am Lovin’ right now.

1.  Becky Higgins Journals-Swoon!  How cute are these???????  I picked up a few at Michaels.

I was thinking…

-I could start my 5 year journal off in this 6 x 8 album.

-A Recipe Book

-Mini Albums

Journal Your Christmas-I know its early right….but its soooo much fun.

2.  Kerry Bradford Studio Classes and Files

I have purchased all 4 of Kerri classes and I am very pleased.  First off her blog is so professional and just plain cute!  The Gallery and her creative team are amazing.  What I like about her classes:

Priced Reasonable

Are eligible for a discount when she offered a sale

The perfect Length

Hands on

Great Workflow/Layout

Accompanying Files are beautiful and useful “after” the class

Personal forums for her classes

Packed full of learning…like Chinese food when they have to staple the box together 🙂


2.5 Kerry Bradford Files-they are beautiful.  For example through Monday 3-23 she is offering this file at a discount.

Look at the fantastic titles here and great brush script!

She has borders, phrases..Oh Oh and photoshop collage templates. You much check out her store..its just fantastic.  She has some great basics too!


3. Glisten and Glow-THIS TOP COAT IS NUMBER ONE HANDS DOWN. I like to look at my hands while I work, type, knit, crochet, scrapbook…heck sending a text.  My nails grow crazy long and I like them to look nice an shiny.  The topcoat was a pick from Scrapbook designer Peppermint Granberg and I will never use any other.


4.  The Collect App it reminds me to take a pic everyday and even allows notes.  This is great for anyone participating in PL, Capture your 365 or any daily photo diary.  Although I don’t participate in a daily memory keeping project it keeps me aware to try and capture a memory everyday.

*Apple only at this time



5.  The Makers Diet by Jordan Rubin-Eating Biblically.  This biblical method of  “clean” eating has changed my life.  I enjoy the food, recipes and its made me enjoy cooking again.



6.  Hello My Name Is: Collection by Theresa Collins

I love this color scheme!! I think it soooo pretty.  Oh and the title I am totally doing a layout with no picture since this collection is the title of an awesome song by Matthew West.


7.  Silhouette Cameo

I love the ease of the Cameo.  I have the designer software so I can import my previously purchased SVG’s.  It simple to use and has some of the best fonts, titles and designers.


8.  Charred Peppers-Had this recipe by a friends..I’ve been having it weekly ever since!

EV unrefined Coconut oil

Sweet peppers

Cast Iron skillet

Celtic Sea Salt

-gease pan, add peppers char on all sides and sprinkle with salt…..DELISH.

So what are some of the things you are lovin’ right now? leave me a comment and let me know!




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