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Musical Sensation….Not!

Greetings Crafinista’s

Have you ever just been so pumped up about something and it turned out quite uneventful?  Well that’s what happened to me.  In Chicago we have an amazing theater district with Broadway plays, off Broadway and even some really fantastic local productions.  Well this production I just did not all.  Musical Sensation…Not!



Whew this is a busy layout isn’t it!  LOL.  And I don’t know if I took this picture slanted or what. I get the cropping straight then the picture isn’t.  I got the picture straight then the cropping was weird…..ack! Anywho…I press on!  Let’s break this layout down.  TIP: yes you can scrap 2 4 x 6 photos with different orientations! I think my favorite parts is the 1 Dislike and 3 Likes!



I was not sure what I wanted for the title TIP: Be sure to use fonts that fit the scale of your layout.  The word sensation is Ginormous…but it fits the scale of the layout.



Now here is a close up of all the layers!  Whew man there are a ton.  Feel free to pile them on and even create more for journaling.  Here I used a tag for my journaling!

I hope you can still see with all this going on in this layout but I think it conveys the message  I was not particularly found of the jungle book!




P.S.  I have all my base layers complete using the Sprinkled with Love Kit from Allison Kreft.  I will be sharing those shortly!


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