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My Lovely Beautiful Family


What’s scrapping?  I hope if you are in the US I pray that you are staying warm!  I spent the day reorganizing my scrap room and now I’d like to share a layout with you.


This layout was quick and easy.  TIP: Pick up cardstock that is primarily embellished!  Your work is nearly done!

Duplicate the background if possible.

Duplicate the background if possible

You see the honeycomb  pattern here I used the Heidi Swap Honeycomb Stencil to duplicate the pattern on the cardstock.  I want to dabble in mix media and this got my juice flowin’.  It also got me to use my chalk that I have had……FOREVER!


I used Chalk and a cut up kitchen sponge to do this technique it turned out to be a great alternative to spray mists.

Look at the photo below think mirroring…….IMG_5078

IMG_5076TIP: Try and mirror your embellishments if you are using patterned cardstock.  Notice the flowers at the top right I duplicated flowers diagonally at the left.

IMG_5077Lots of Geometry going on today.  Have you heard of the visual triangle?  I normally don’t follow any rules per say but creating a visual triangle is always a good rule to follow. I used a visual triangle with the butterflies also if you look closely there is a butterfly in the pattern paper.

I hope today’s tips help you to become a better memory keeper, card maker or papercrafter!




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