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Kill the Kit-Come and Get It-Day 6

Welcome to the final Post in this weeks Kill the Kit  Series.  Whew you made it, thanks for sticking with me!

This post will be split into two parts:

Part One:

Here is my layout titled: Come and Get it!

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men

I was pleased how this layout turned out.

TIP: You can use your 4 x 6  Pocket Scrapping Cards right onto your layouts.

Die cut titles again

Die cut titles again

TIP: Try and find fonts that are a little thick which will work great for your titles.

Squeeze in that Journaling!

Squeeze in that Journaling!

TIP: Also if you have an element in your story feel free to play upon the theme as I did here with the fish punch.

Also you can bump you photo right next to one another for continuity.

Now on the a re-post sorta.  On Monday this layout featuring my Grandmother on what was her bitthdate.  I wanted to take some time to elaborate a little more on the design of the layout.

Double Page Layout

Double Page Layout

This layout presented a challenge the khaki paper with the heart was just…..well I thought ugly.  What do you do with that????

TIP: if you decide to use that sheet take it in small doses so for example I cut this sheet down to 8×8.

TIP: Use Negative cuts I used the hearts as 3D then I used the negative space.

TIP: Pull out embellishments like the glasses on the eye chart.

TIP:  I Love You doesn’t always have to mean scrap about your spouse.

TIP:  Don’t Be afraid of using 6 x 12 as your double Layout.

Alright my friends we have to a close on this Month’s Kill the Kit Series.  I will see you next month as we tackle a new kit!

I was able to get  six 12 x 12 and one 6 x 12 Layout from this kit?  Not to bad!




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