Journal Your Christmas

Journal Your Christmas Days 8-14


One more week until we celebrate our Saviors Birth!  Awesome!  As I type this post I am listening to the bible on audio by Faith Comers By Hearing…Its fantastic! I wanted to share with you Pages 8-14 of my Journal Your Christmas Album.  Yes we are on Day 22 and yes , I AM RIGHT ON TRACK!!!  WOOT!   WOOT! I will post them soon.  Here are the things I have come to terms with documenting:

This album is soooo thick. But Hey..I accept I like dimension.

I accept that I can not document daily based on my schedule.

I admit that I am sooo enjoying this sooo much.

I have my own prompts I am adding also…what a way to take back your December!  Take a look!


JYC fold out tree

My Tree with Angel

JYC Page 8 sweets

JYC conservatory

JYC 9 Table

JYC Pge 11 and 12

JYC 13 and 14


Crazy Thick Right????


Ugh…I had to return this to M’s. I suggest they be careful with the box cutters (side eye)!


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