Journal Your Christmas

Journal Your Christmas-My Manifesto


I am so glad to share with you my…….. Manifesto!

Disclaimer: Sorry about the glare due to my schedule I have to take my pics at night after work

Can you believe a accidently added an orange sequin in the pocket...FAIL!

Can you believe a accidentally added an orange sequin in the pocket…FAIL!

What is a Manifesto?

  1. 1.
    a public declaration of policy and aims, esp. one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.
    synonyms: policy statement, mission statementplatform, (little) red book,programdeclarationproclamationpronouncementannouncementMore
Close up!

Close up!

In this case it is the entire reason why I am participating in Journal Your Christmas.  I wanted a light weight,  sparkly page.  Also I didn’t want a distraction from my manifesto.  I made pages 1-7 previously when I originally thought I was going to do December Daily.  I will say I would have done the page differently if it had not be pre-made.  Since this is the my first time participating in JYC  and I haven’t mapped out a real game plan I will evaluate which processes this weekend.  I want to see if having the pre-made helped or hindered.  What I did discover was I had more to say then the 3 x 4 pre-made slot.  I will make my own insert that suits my style and schedule.   I then decided to add a separate journaling page and Photo Page.  The Snap Page Protectors are slightly larger than 4×6 they are 4 x 6.25 which leaves me the option to sew my pages how I see fit too.

Journaling for  the Day

Journaling for the Day

I will add my photos this weekend into a (2) 4×6 Page Protector

Are you considering Documenting December?  What is your purpose?




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