Lessons Learned from a Crop


Now that I have returned from the Scrapbook Expo I know  what to bring to  a crop/retreat so I thought I would share that with you.

1.  Organize your photos the way you want to tell your story this way you are not overwhelmed or that you don;t lose precious time.  .  This tip was giving to me by a friend.  A saving grace since my first album is my wedding album with a gazillion pictures.

2.  Have your  supplies organized.  I noticed  I wasted alot of time  by riflying through my supplies trying to figure out what I wanted to use.  Before the crop i kept my supplies in the Snap and Stack containers I purchased from Joann’s. I was in Archivers and say a Crop N Style Rolling Bead Tote for $129.  I scoured the internet and found this bad boy on Overstock,com for $77 plus 10% coupon and free shipping.  I keep my supplies inside the containers at all time and leave them on the shelf.  When I crop i load them back up in the carrier and viola!

-insert pic of embellishments

3. I needed a much better way to store my paper.  At first it looked like this…..A Mess.  I had it in a huge shopping bag.


I noticed at the crop ladies had a standup organizer.  I found it at Michael I believe it was $34.99…..ack..whoa that’s a little steep. You know I have to find a deal!  Michael’s had a sale!  I was able to score the Iris Handy Scrapbook Carrier for 55% off.  Now my paper looks like this:


4.  I did see this cool gadget hanging off of people’s table.  It had a drink holder and garbage can attached to it.  What is this greatness I see here??????  It was called a Scrapamabob!

So naturally I had to have one, in fact i ordered some for some for friends too.  Every crafter or hobbyist should own this nifty gadget!

I then discovered that I needed to organize my Thicker stash.  Nothing seemed to work.  I wanted something that had a lid and was easy to rifle through.  I picked up this at Michael’s for 55% off too.



So I saw these 2 Thickers and scooped the up buy 1 get 1 free!



What have you learned from your latest crop or organizing session, do share!




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