Scrapbook Expo 2013


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Spoils from the Scrapbook Expo 2013

Boy am I tired!  I was super productive at Scrapbook Expo 2013!…I think.  My husband I stayed at Pheasant Run Resort and Spa where the event was held.

What I liked! 🙂

Huge Room with King Bed

Bed was great, comfy

Free Wifi

Did not drop Wifi

Fantastic Staff-extremely professional

Awesome Food

Paraben free toiletries

Jazz Brunch

Jazz at Night

Since I am from New Orleans its has a replica of the french quarter inside

Not so much 😦

Couldn’t close the curtain all the way

1st floor by stairwell and Door-TOO NOISY


Had to request to have room cleaned

elastic gone from fitted sheet

dead critter on curtain…..

Discovered by husband

Dead critters on floor( I would have moved to the tower)


NO security camera’s

Low Light

Not many outlets

No Safe

Dated…extremely OLD

All In all would I stay again…no I would not …or maybe I would not stay on the ground level..  I think you could go on hotwire and find a room at the Hilton Garden Inn across the street….bug free too!

The Expo

I was not impressed at the vendor market.    I don’t know if it was me but I wasn’t attracted to much.  It just didn’t seem to be my style. There were several stamp vendors, template vendors….but nothing really my style.  However I overheard many people speak of how much the spent.  I went Friday afternoon after leaving the office and the crowds were jut right.

Door Giveaway-Spectrum Noir Marker and a glue stick

There were a few things on my list:

1. A larger cutting Mat

2.  Bling from Want2Scrap

3. Embellishments

4.  Larger Trimmer

5. Chipboard Die Cuts

6.  A T-Shirt/Bag

I did manage to find some of the necessities I  needed but that was it.  I did find a booth that was more of my style but the prices were too high,  However they did have cardstock 10 for $7,that was a good deal.  Please note this was my experience I had friends who had a ball!  I simply think for my style the expo did not fit my needs.  I’d  say I walked around for maybe 2 hours.

The Crop

The crop was held at the Dupage Expo Center……..across the street……ugh problem.  Its a long way to haul all of your scrappy goodness!  They did offer a shuttle back and forth.  The tables were set up with 4 to a table.  For an extra fee you could reserve a table for 4 friends.  I felt 4 to a table was very cramped…I mean you were constantly aware of not infringing on someone space.  Also people did not pay to reserve instead one person paid and they spreaded their things in each chair!!  REALLY????  WTHeck this is crafting…..No DRAMA!  The staff also did  not regulate this they allowed it….Not Happy.  The expo also offered “Battery Packs” for rent ….interesting since the perimeter outlets were turned off!  The outlets in which the expo organizers set up cricuts, etc for use had electricity…..side eye.  At 5pm the door prizes and contests began!  The theme for the night was I Love Lucy.  I could do without the contests but I am sure several attendees Loved IT!

Here are the layouts I worked on some are still not totally complete.


Template from Want2Scrap


Wedding Ceremong 2nd Page



This is my favorite layout so far!!


Still going to add some journaling to this layout.-consider this one in progress!




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