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Makeup Monday – Tools for Eyes-Shader Brushes

Hi There,

I needed something else to get into like I needed a hole in the head!  Do you think that stopped me…..Nope.  So I press on. I have never been one who wore alot of makeup but since I had purchased so much for my wedding I thought..hey I think I like this!  My version of makeup was Mimi from the Drew Carey Show!  My family really wasn’t into make so I didn’t bother. Times have changed!  There are so many things I wish I knew before like how to take care of my skin, using moisturizing creams, etc.  Today I want to chat with you  about your tool.s  Yup the tools used to apply your make up…what  discovered is they make all the difference.

The only brushes I ‘ve  ever owned were from Coastal Scents and they did the job…..or so I thought.  Lets start with Eye Brushes.  There are a million Brushes out there:

Coastal Scents, NARS, MAC, Real Techniques,  ELF,  Crown Brushes, Sigma, Tom Ford, Sephora, Sonai Kushuk, Makeup Geek Brushes….ok I will stop there.  To not make this overwhelming lets talk about what I have learned.  Here are the “basic” brushes you need for eyes.

Shader-A firm brush used to pack on shadow

Blender-fine densely packed fibers, doomed brush, oval shaped.


Lets first talk about shader brushes.

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

Sigma E55 Shader

First thing I learned …after I had purchased a million brushes be sure to know your eye. What do I mean by your eye….do you have Big eye, is your eye lid big or small lids.  You have to know your own eye for example I own both the brushes above, lets look at these side by side:

mac-Sigma crop

Sigma E55    $10USD                                                                                                                                                       

  •  Wider
  • So on my eye this brush could be an all over lid brush.
  • Rounder Handle
  • Taller
  • Budget Friendly
  • Densely packed and firm

Mac 239    $25USD

  • Smaller
  • Handmade
  • Shorter
  • High End
  • Really Soft

Sigma E55 vs Mac 239: Winner MAC 239:

I prefer the Mac 239 better, why because its MAC….no because it fits she shape of my eyelid perfectly.  Apply product well from my $2 Wet N Wild eyeshadows to my Urban Decay and Mac Shadows.




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