Make Up Monday….Oh Boy!


Hi Everyone!  I hope your weekend served you well! Since I purchased so much makeup for the wedding I decided lets try and learn something and keep it going.  So I will start Makeup Mondays!

Before the wedding I would wear presses powder, mascara, blush and liptick…..bam… that’s it and out the door. Now is  an entirely different story.  I have been stalking you tubers like,  Wayne Goss of Goss Makeup Artist, NitraaB, Missy Lynn of start2finishmua, Emily Eddington of Beauty Broadcast and finally Marlena of Makeup Geek!  I am sure there are plenty more out there but I love these guys.  GossMakeup Artist and Makeup Geek are a beginners dream.  These you tubers are all about education…..PHD style!

I would like to start this off for the beginner.  I had tons of questions and how to’s and by stalking the internet and other you tubers I have learned somethings and want to share.

So do you have makeup,what Brand..all high end…all drugstore..an mix let me know! Here’s a sneak peak at how I went from no make up to this!


stash 2




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