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Wedding DIY-Brooch Bouquet


I wanted to continue my DIY wedding posts.  I say this bouquet on pinterest and told my mother…I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isn’t it Lovely????

So I told my mom I would be on the lookout for brooches…anywhere…everywhere.  Being a good mother of the Bride….NO!  I got it…alrighty then!  Well here it is.


OH MY!!  Isn’t it just GORGEOUS!!!!  The pearls just made it uber Beautiful!!  Now there are several youtube videos out there for those wanting to tackle this …or you can just hire my mom :).

My mom used flowers not  a round styrofoam ball so it really looked like a flower bouquet instead of a flower ball.  I think in the picture below we might be fighting over it, LOL!




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