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Wedding DIY-You did what??


Yes I ordered my dress straight from China….sight unseen…no measurements!  Risky right?  I ordered my dress from on a tip from my Sister.  She said you can contact the factories direct.  I said to myself..Lawd this girl is into  espionage!!  Mischief..Ha she was right! I looked on the site and sent them an email.  They responded ASAP.  I saw the dress and asked could I make a few changes.  Sure she said for an extra $30 US dollar.  Deal.  The dress arrived in exactly 6 weeks just as their site stated plus I got an extra 20% since it was valentines day!  Here is the packaging that the dress arrived in…..a DHL package!  Oh Goodness what have I done!

2012-03-28 13.39.03

I just knew when I unwrapped this thing it was going to be a floating lifeboat like on airplane.  LOL.  That was totally not the case. It was actually flipped inside out protecting it if there were any damages.  Wanna see what a sight unseen US size 10 dress in white  looks like…….. take a look:

mother and I-formatted

Here are the changes I requested please remove the sweetheart top:


Good one! James and I-formatted

I also asked for the silver sash thingie to be removed which they did…and finally a corset back..which they did also.


Let me say I did not have to do one single alteration!!!!  I was very pleased. So if you are looking to save money check out LandyBridal I had an amazing experience.



One thought on “Wedding DIY-You did what??

  1. I ordered mine from ebay china. I only had to gwt it altered as I lost weight. Your dress looks beautiful! I was so happy with mine as if I had of sewed mine it would have cost me more in fabric, than to have it made and sent to me!

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