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DIY Wedding-Ruby Slippers

Hi Everyone!  I’m Baaacckkkk! Whew my wedding is now complete so I can post again!  Yay I have a most beautiful cocktail hour wedding and could not have asked for a better, more memorable time.

I think it is very important shoes on your wedding day!  I have had 8 foot surgeries and wasn’t playing around!  So I ordered these the Kalei from…yup from easy spirit!

and turned them into this:

I  LOVED the way they turned out!  It was a super easy DIY project.

Place newspaper over your surface.  If its not windy you can do this outside.  Stuff newspaper inside your shoes of choice to minimize glitter fallout.  Take masking tape and cover any surface you don’t want glitter on .i e. the heel.  Pour glitter in plastic tube insert spoon. Place your glitter glue on a paper plate, use your foam brush to brush glitter on shoes. Begin to scoop glitter out of tub and sprinkle on shoes.  Wait 24 hours

After first coat is dry, spray shoe with tacky all over and re-coat.  Wait 24 hours.  Repeat..Wait 24 hours.  Once you have the coverage you are satisfied with you may now seal the glitter.  Spray with Glitter Blast.  I had barely any fallout!  Yay Glitter Blast.

For Accents:

I used My Favorite Things Dainty Bows Dies to make the bows.  I sprayed the bows with tacky all over and covered with glitter.  I scored the rhinestones bow clips from the thrift store….AWESOME!


Shoes of your choice

Masking Tape

Martha Stewart Glitter Glue

Martha Stewart Glitter in Garnet

Foam brush

Paper plate

Plastic Spoon

rubber tub to scoop glitter and put on on shoe…pick up few from dollar tree

Krylon Easy Tack

Krylon Glitter Blast in clear matte



4 thoughts on “DIY Wedding-Ruby Slippers

  1. Kathi says:

    Emonie so glad you had a wonderful wedding! Those shoes are absolutely awesome!! You would never believe they were plain Jane Easy Spirits! I must see a pic of you wearing them!!!


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