Jewelry Making

So Many Things Going on! Day 2: Wrap anyone?

Hi There!

Don’t you just love making things!  I do! I think its awesome…so I started making Jewelry   Not to be confused with My Paparazzi Home Based Business but handmade jewelry with semi precious stones.  I decided to tackle Memory Wire.  This stuff is cool and easy to work with.  All you need is Memory Wire, Memory Wire Sheers and beads!  The first bracelet sold before I could even post it.

Shades of Blue Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet shades of Earth Wrap Bracelet Shades of Green Memory  Wire Bracelet

Chan Luu Inspired.  I like statement jewelry the bigger the better!  I think I googled this bracelet or either saw it on Etsy.  Looked up a few tutorials and Bam!

chann luu fancy jasper

Red Howlite Chan luu

These bracelets do take some time and patience, that little thread will make get caught on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!  What you will need are Beads I used 6mm Beads, leather cord, bead thread, Big Eye Needles, and Button.  Most of my links are from Etsy I am a big Etsy fan and seller.  Also I have gotten 6mm beads from this Ebay seller but Auntie’s Beads had 6MM at the same shop around..  I have 4 requests in the works too!

Happy Beading!



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