Paparazzi Jewelry

$5 Acccessories plus Give Away

Say Hello to the newest Paparazzi Consultant #12160!

I hear you…..Say hello to who?  what is that?  Oh Lawd not her too!

Paparazzi is  a party plan home based business that sells Amazing accessories…get this…………… for $5!


Ok I have never even CONSIDERED ever doing a home based….ANYTHING.  If someone close to me even invited me to such a thing I would go to support them and simply count the days until they got that foolishness OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM.  Why would I buy a $35 dollar piece of costume jewelry that you have to put under a microscope to see!!!!!  Ugh…. NO.  I like my jewelry  like Mr Tee…Big and Bold, lol.

So I was replenishing my scrapbook adhesives  and saw a  on link on a site that I trust.  Trust is everything.  I have done business with this site and have never had an issue with quality or otherwise.  I saw a link for Paparazzi accessories…it said accessories for $5. Ok you mean…..(I will change the names to protect the proprieties) like the dollar forest  $5…or like the ladies name $5?  So I decided to order a piece to see the quality, here is the piece I ordered:

And yes it came with earrings.  I totally loved it and that made me decide to sign up.  I have never spoken to rep face to face or was persuaded.  I ordered a starter kit, which arrived yesterday!

Here are a few $5 accessories I received:

I will start a separate blog with updates, events, new arrivals  ability to purchase online, I will let you know about soon!

Ok so what do I get out of it.

  1.  Look Good for $5-lets be real we want to be trendy and fashionable without the price.
  2. Offer a product that you don’t have to brainwash someone into buying or have an ackward feeling about sharing your party plan business.
  3. Benefits of a home based business
  4. Help create a fashion forward environment  while staying in budget.
  5. 45% commission
  6. Best of all HAVE FUN !!!

Signing off…….


Independent Paparazzi  Consultant #12160


GIVEAWAY:  You want to try it?  leave a comment to this post and and I will pull a name on Friday!  May the accessory Gods show you favor!



9 thoughts on “$5 Acccessories plus Give Away

  1. speaksangel says:

    They are all really cute. They fourth necklace from the top would make a really cute headband since it ties around the neck.

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