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Failing to Sew

Hi Everyone!

Whoa!  Have I been busy!

I have so many projects in progress…in my hand and in the craft cave!   I wanted to make a new project, since I commute and am often  standing I  wanted a strap that could wrap across the wrist and I could draw the yarn up and keep working n my project.  I haven’t been on my machine half as much as I used to be apparently I have forgotten few things.  Like Seam Placement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  really?????  Like putting your bloomers on backward and feeling uncomfortable until you figured it out and made the switch!  Here it is:

How about the seam is right in the front..what the heck!  No fault of the pattern…its all me.  In the words of my Grandmother, “Emonie get the best fabric that way people wont see your mistakes”.  Good Advice Grandmama ’cause I am going to rock this bag anyway…lol. Best way to learn is from your own screw ups!

Oh I also wanted to show the snap.

Ever go to the thrift store and buy the “mystery” bags of things, like jewely or holiday bundles in the mystery clear bags with all the staples, lol.  I will buy crafting bundles ’cause I  think I got to be able to use something in here.  This one Paid off I got this bag for $3.oo guess what was in it ……snaps and other unnatural looking things….LOL.  SCORE!




The Pattern I used is  HERE.

The Fabric is from Etsy Seller, Three Rivers Fabric HERE, great fabric, prices and fast shipping!

This was a very quick sew next up modifications

1.  A pocket inside-for patterns similar to THIS.

2.  Outside zipper pouch for notions.

Meanwhile lets look at project Eye Candy!

Knitter Project Bag SHEEPS... Special KnitterBag design.

Lucky Sheep Knitter Bag

Knitting Project Bag Box Bag - Owls in Green and Blue

Box Bag By Jessilu

Image of Heavy Canvas Japanese Colorblock Flower Print 2

Piddleloop Sewing Team

See you around on the next sewing adventure…be sure to put your bloomers on the right way..:).



Sneak Peak of tomorrows Card…Don’t miss it!


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