Evolution is The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form…..said somebody.  Lets talk about sock evolution! I Have evolved into a Sock Knitter…almost!

Lets look at Mans feet, I mean the human race “Mankind”

Exhibit 1: Species-Gorilla

Subject this sock is designed for:  Neanderthal Man, Person with Tumor or Club Foot

-Ugh….No Comment

Exhibit 2 :People into ” Ancient Secrets”.

Subject this sock is designed for:  Anyone still participating in Chinese Binding, Or when the last pair of  Christian Louboutin heels are left in a size 5 and you wear  a 9.


Exhibit 3  Species :  Human!  but you must have  1 foot larger than the other :).

Yes my socks are still evolving into the Perfect Pair…




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