Jewelry Making

Who Gives a Hoot


How are you my crafty peeps?  I hope everyone well!  I have been on a jewelry kick.  Take a look remember the bottle cap earrings I made in the Custom Happy Birthday Mya.

Here is a photo tutorial, its really easy.

Supplies-Bent and chain nose pliers, E6000 glue, bottlecaps, 1 inch hole punch (optional) and Bottlecap Image.

I distressed the edges of my images with Tim Holtz Distress inks

One thing to pay attention to these images were not formatted, which was sort of a a pain…..sorta.  It does give you the flexibility to use in other formats.  I do not like to format my images I prefer already sized, they didn’t seem to be as perfect so I distressed the edges.

Non Flat and Flat Caps

Please not that I purchased flattened bottlecaps.  If you purchase non flattend you will need to flatten them see video HERE.  I do not need any extra tools so its worth it to have someone else bear the heck out of them for me :).  If you use bottlecaps from used bottles (hooch I me an) don’t forget to remove the lining here is a tute HERE.

I put my holes in first…no reason I just do.  Use your Euro tool and pierce on the back side of bottle caps its easier.  This pic shows the front side though…lesson learned.

Add Glue/Adhesive to bottle caps insides.  Try and use a quick drying glue of your choice.

Insert Images press firmly

Say hello to epoxy stickers!

Image covered with epoxy stickers.

Insert your jump ring and earring wire.


All done and jazzy!

Supplies used:

Owl Images from The Uncommon Shoppe

Jewelry Tools- Chain Nose, Bent nose pliers

E6000-Joanns- this is very gooey I recommend the small tubes

Bottlecap and Epoxy Kit-Tattered Addictions-Epoxy stickers were very smooth to remove…high recommend.



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