Sterile Hug

Hey Peeps!

I wanted to take time today to send a shout out to my peeps and Give them a Sterile HUG!!!

Image close up


Most days, okay EVERYDAY at the office I am like the Tasmanian Devil!  I am learning, sharing what I know, blowin’ things up (non violent style :)), coaching, mentoring, dueling  defending the helm, being the enforcer and blabbering about my crafts.  My team at the office made me feel really special because sometimes I feel that I am so all over the place I not really benefiting anyone!  I received a spectacular Bamboo, you know the twisted one,  Lunch card and most importantly a sincere thanks doused in encouragement…sniff sniff!  I walked around and gave everyone a Sterile Hug..see we can’t have no HR violations at the work place.

So here’s a shout out to the Goodie Mob at the office (the names have been changed to protect the innocent!)


The Stripper


Yarn and Hook

The Twins

Ballroom Dancer


Psalm 147:4

Team Chase

Downtown Abby

Till 6:30

Granny to 5 boys

Card Supplies

Digital Stamp Lil big Hug –FineArtsbyRobertJackson

Card Base-shaped with Sizzix Framelits Scallop Circle

Layering Paper-MME Following your heart






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