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Sock-tastic Accomplishment and Progress


Awesome-ness. I finished my sock in class this weekend.  Remember the knitting cards I was making while knitting my sock.  Check out my Etsy shop you will find the set there!

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Off to the Reveal!!!!  I finished it!!  Yes , I finished my sock! non plural …and the best part it actually looks like a sock……a real sock.  Oh I feel like Pinocchio…I’m a real boy!!! LOL!


A heel with no holes…yay!

Kitchner Stitch Toe

I think the easiest was the Kitchner stitch.

Overall feelings:

I love that it looks like a sock!

It has all the definable components of sock construction, cuff, heel flap, gusset, turning of heel and the toe. still too loose.  I am already knitting on a zero..what can I do?  I reached out to my fellow Ravelers in the sock knitting forum for help.  I heart online communities!

Here was my question to the group:

HI! I need help. I am a super loose I knitted and entire cardigan on a size 1 with worsted weight yarn! Yikes. Well I finished by first sock..and I love it well kinda..its too loose. I did a gauage swatch got 7 stitches to the inch , did the cuff and top of foot in 2×2 rib since I know I am loose but its still too loose. Did I mention the socks was done with a zero…woe is me. Is their a formula or something for less stitches. I cast on 64 stitches, on a US 0 needle and its a slouch sock..totally not my plan. Can I try casting on 56? Any ideas?

Here were the responses:

Response 1

YES!!! You can make your very own size depending upon your gauge. You need to deduct about 10 % of the stitches for negative ease. (To make sure they are tight enough) And with a plain vanilla sock and a 64 stitch pattern, you’ll want to start with a number divisible by 4.

So get out your measuring tape. Measure your ankle, the ball of your foot (Those two are probably pretty close to the same). Then figure your 7 x number of inches around less the 10% for the ease.

Good luck and happy knitting. Oh and don’t forget to post pictures of your triumph for us to look at/drool over!


Response 2

You can also try even smaller needles. I don’t have any but several around have needles which are 00 or 000. I don’t know how easy they are to find but perhaps someone who has some will chime in.

Response 3

I don’t have any either, but I believe the are considered lace needles and go down to 0000. I did a google search for US 0000 knitting needles and came up with these sources. US 000 is easier to find.

Angelika’s Yarn Store
JoAnn’s Fabrics

There were some others, these are just the ones I decided to list. You can also search Etsy and Ebay for the size that you need.

Response 4

HiyaHiya go down to 0.7mm US 6/0 in both dpns & circs.


Next Action!

I ordered smaller dpn needles…yikes.. size 0000 for lace knitting.

I also began a sock with 56 stitches as well….stay tuned.

I have begun the second sock though and I will complete it in the same manner.  Hey at least they will match!  Meanwhile we were told to begin our second sock, see pattern from Knitty HERE.  This will be on Circulars, I do have a least a 0 32″ circs.  I am going to order some lace circs and see.  I don’t want to make a second pair that are too loose, one tip I read was to  try wrapping yarn around every finger to tighten the tension since I am a continental knitter.  This maybe my only option as new needles may not arrive in time and I don’t want to be behind in my class….I will keep you posted!

All In All Totally worth it!




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