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Emergency Sock-Pendectomy

Hi from the operating room!

My sock has gone under the knife….ugh the hand rather!

I will be a sock Knitter!

I will be a sock Knitter!

I will be a sock Knitter!

Say it with me…you will be a sock knitter.

Let me tell you what happened…I was knitting decreasing along on my sock lalala…..lalala….lalala….Wait!!  (insert crazy look on face) how am I suppose to wear this sock if I am decreasing after the heal????  Decreasing. Decreasing????????????????????????????????..I said to myself…Girl are you into Chinese foot binding..what in the world??????

Awww Man!

So I reached out to my lifeline….Lisa at Sifu Design Studio and Fine Yarns..Here is the actual message I sent:

HELP!! List I hav a sock S.O.S.! On our sock pattern Its says get back to 64 stitiches …am I reading it incorrect..we don’t keep decreasing until we get to our 2 inch stop line do we?

Look I was in such  a panic that message looks like Pig Latin…..LOL!

Lisa told me to get back to 64 stitches and keep knitting  in the round or my current pattern

back to 64….how did get more than 64 stitches.


PEPPER!  (My Dog)  was it you, you little beast?.  Was it people who think knitting is for old people ..I know!  It was a crocheter who can’t knit….Hater!  WHO I SAY SABOTAGED MY BELOVED SOCK…I WANT ANSWERS?????  NOW!!!!!!

thinkin’…thinkin….was it me, I say..when did I add extra stitches to get beyond my original 64?  Aha!  Eureka..when I picked the heel!

Lesson learned even though the pattern is in front of you process and think about what you are doing?  Understand the anatomy of sock and you will go far young grasshopper.

Next step:

Procedure Performed: whatwasithinkin-itis.

Drs. Home care instructions: Knit in the round until 2 inches before toe

while watching Season 1 of Once Upon A Time.



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