I am sitting on the bus watching a You-tube video from Stampin Pretty Impressions and knitting my socks. 

Life is good. 

The bus driver begins to pulls over, so I thought well if the bus breaks down I should definitely be able to get a few more rounds done.  We pull over, the driver walks to the back of the bus and tell everyone to come off.  All of a sudden smoke!!  Toxic smoke is filling the bus!  Wait! I am in the middle of a row!!

I am standing get off..the smoke is filling the bus so fast my bus mates are now getting  panicky.  I begin coughin…..  I am the last one off the bus..  and I hear the driver calling dispatch( or bus heaven)  he says, my bus is on fire ( in a calm serial killer voice). I grab my   netbook, swaddle my sock inside it along with my project bag, grab my starbucks cup filled with smoothie remenants  and rolling back pack…I am off the bus. 


OH !!  I realize getting off the bus  that I dropped my DP tube….and for a brief moment I think..EGG…EXX…EXTERMINATE the bus driver in my DALEK voice if my sock is ruined.  I carefully examine my sock for any dropped stitches.

I finish knitting my row on the side of the Interstate 90 🙂

Happy Monday,


P.S. I am glad I picked up some Soak wash at the yarn shop so my sock don’t smell like toxic fumes!


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