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Oh I had a most enjoyable day yesterday, I started my Sock Knitting Class!!!

Lisa, Owner and Designer at SIFU Design Center and Fine Yarns. is AMAZING!!!!

Most things I can learn from You-Tube…Socks…ugh not so much. I have made 3 socks notice I didn’t say 3 pairs!

I arrived at the yarnshop early so I could covet browse all the scrumptious yarn, fibers and vintage vignettes.  I just adore Local Yarn Shop (LYS) , and SIFU has so much its a great experience.  If you live in the Chicago I highly recommend you stop by.

Yarn-that’s what it’s all about right?  Quality yarn make all the difference. So rule of thumb when you are learning chose a light colored yarn.

Elle Rae Lace Merino Fingering Weight Yarn. Colorway 107, 490 yards

Here was the yarn, isn’t it beautiful????  Ifyou didn’t know I love Grey and tend

favor Grey toned yarns.

We started by making a guage swatch.  What?????? Oh what a horror!!!  LOL not at all .  Who wants to spend time making something that doesn’t fit…NOT ME!!

I had 7 stitches to an inch!  Go Me!  So I cast on 64 stitches


The pattern we used was The Adult Basic Sock Pattern by Ann Norling.

Before we knew it the class had come to an end.  My homework is to complete a 6-10 inch cuff, the lenght is my  preference.  I chose to do a 2×2 rib all down instead of stockinette.  I am such a loose knitter I do not want to make slouch sock!

Here is where I stopped in class  and I also purchased a gadget so my needles do not escape from my project.  If it hasn’t happened to you..keep knitting for those of us who have lost stitches…Go and by this tool!

My new gadget is made by Nancy’s Knit Knacks.

DP WIP Tool-Double Point Work in Progress Tubes

Stay Tuned for my continued progress.

Card Supplies:

Cardstock-PaperTrey Ink-Sidebar

Stamp Set-TPC Yarn Crafts

Prisma Color Pencils

Generals Pastel Chalk Pencils


*****Outlawz-Anything Goes Clean and Simple****




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