The Clumps


6 months.

6 months exactly until my wedding.

I need to lose weight and gain a healthier life style.  No worries I can still fit my dress, heck if not..I’m a knitter.  I will whip out a shawl like Rumpelstiltskin!  The sell weave long and big enough  like Chaka Khan in a minute….lol.  I will admit it is much easier to craft than eat healthy….they cost about the same though.…besides I have to sit on my mass to do my crafts.

Today  is a new day.  (Theme to Rocky playing)

The Plan.

Less Carbs.  Carbs are in all foods, I have removed that from my memory!  I like carbs I can see!  Potato’s , rice, bread..I like”visable” cards, the ones that I know when  eat them I will be full.  Smh.

Trap Track Food.

My fitness pal is a great online food diary.  BTW this program is not your pal!  Do not be fooled.  It should be My Accountability Pal.

Exercise 3 times a  week for 30 minutes…at least.

Come u know what or high water GET TO THE GYM! I am fortunate to have a gym at the office but sometimes I am so busy I do think it wise to go.  It is wise to have a mental break though.  I am a giving person, offerings and such.  I have been giving offerings to the gym at the office and my neighborhood gym!  Did I think I would loose weight faster if I joined 2 gyms??????  Captain that is Highly Illogical.  I haven’t been in over 2 months!!  That must change.

Get New Workout Clothes.

It is a fact if I get some sporty new clothes  I will be fly at the gym.  Like the people who work out with all their make on…give me a break….sweat people!!  I look like Marilyn Manson when I ‘m done.  I call it verification that I worked it all out! LOL.

New shoes.

I got issues. Foot issues.  I have had 8 foot surgeries so I need good shoes.  I also have flare ups with plantar fascitis.   This is super painful.

Ultimate Fitness Goals

Get back down to my birthweight! u read it right

Current weight 149 ……………………….Goal 133

Enter a 5K….it would help if I completed it but I gotta start somewhere.


Tag Supplies

Inkessential-Craft Tags

Digital Image-Fineartsbyrobertjackson

Scale Die-Quickutz Scale Die




P.S.  Hop on over to thedailymarker she has a Copic giveaway!


10 thoughts on “The Clumps

  1. You can do it!! I’ll do it with you long distance. I’ve had 2 foot surgeries, have an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow *and* graduate school is kicking my behind BUT we can do this!!!!

  2. That’s a really great tag! Hope that you will stay inspired to keep on with the good intentions… never easy to exercise or to eat well lol

    Thanks for joining us as Jackson’s Digital Expressions this week. Hope to see you again next week. DT Crafting Vicky

  3. You certainly have a plan. Here’s wishing you the best on your journey. Glad you used a Robert Jackson digi and thank you for playing along at Jackson’s Digital Expressions!

  4. OMG girl you are too funny! Yeah I’d like to get back to my birth weight too! LOL!! Sounds like you’ve set a reasonable weight loss goal. I feel your pain UGH! I lost 80 lbs and regained it SMH… I’ve started acupuncture I think it’s helped! Anyway I LOVE this tag it’s too cute! And I love the color combo too. Thanks for joining us this week at Jackson’s Digital Expressions!

    DT Member

  5. Cute tag – love the Robert Jackson digital image!!! Hope all goes well for your wedding!!! Thanks for joining us at Jacksons Digital Expressions this week!

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