Seeing Things

Greetings, I hope everyone is doing well tonight.  I have been on a mission to learn new tech things.         I have been researching how to create a blog banner, simple annotation software, Photoshop elements tutorials and the list goes on and on.   All of this has made my head hurt…then I realized my head hurts because I got new glasses.  They are tight as I  don’t know what!  Grr…I will have to stop by and have them adjusted……. quickly.  Pearle Vision and I have a date.

Now on to my tech learnings.  Annotation software…I was able to download Skitch but it is not yet available on windows (curses!).  I can’t possibly annotate anything on my smartphone…too small.    I would need immediate cataract surgery…like now!  How am I suppose to get my pics over to a larger screen….tada…. Kindle Fire to the rescue!  I searched for apps that would sync to my laptop, netbook, phone and fire..voila Sugarsync.  Oh how sweet it is!  Sugarsync works like dropbox, I can store photos, documents all that good stuff.  Read what the Tech Gods of CNET had to say here. Now I can annotate on a screen larger than a chicklet!  My eyes say …….Thank you.


Cardstock-Papertrey Ink

Eyeglasses chipboard-Basic Gray card kit embellishment

Sentimant-I made it up 🙂



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