Joann is my BFF

Do you remember the cartoon The Littles or better yet the Shire where Frodo Baggins lived.  You know in a tiny little house just perfect for a hobbit.  I am a human that lives in a condo that would be perfect for a hobbit, minus the hair feet, 314 square feet!  No that is not a typo, I didn’t miss a number I live in a Teenie Weenie Condo affectionately known as the TWC .  When people complain about not having enough room, I have to politely put them in their place.  I am constantly on a misson to organize, de-clutter and basically not trip over anything and knock my teeth out.  I cannot sew, knit, crochet teeth! My crafting space is 8X8…wait a minute…… isn’t that the size of a jail cell 6×6??????  So you can imagine I need to maximize all that I can.  Always on the hunt for storage ideas….Joann’s Fabric has come to the rescue.   Yes, Joann’s Fabric is my new best friend forever.

This cards has the perfect sentiment about what I think Joann Fabric has to say to me! LOL

Stampin Up New Fan Embossing folder and Butterfly Die

She is reliabe-I can count on Joanns to have a sale

She is diverse-No matter what the craft Joann’s has got me Wanda from In Living Color…I got chu.





She Delivers-there is always a free shipping code out there!

Joann Fabric is the bomb!

Here was my latest hook-up, snapware snap and stack.

This will let me grab everything place it under my table so I can sew or a quick pack for cropping!  I love it!



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