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Hey Girl how’s your white balance?

Oh Happy Wednesday!!

Hope eveyone is staying cool! Open door alert.  My coworker let me see….how can I protect his identity….. he shall be named the “Emperor”.  So the Emperor asked me, how’s your new camera?  Yes!!  Yes!!  lets talk about Logan!!   I shared with the Emperor that my blog post picture was better then my cell phone pics but it still came out sorta blueish.  Without thought the Emperor said check your white balance. In my Scooby Doo He says its the WB button on the camera.  I respond the only WB I know stands for Warner Brothers!  As I was on the commute home I looked for You Tube videos on White Balance


The person in this video appears to be a mere child!!!!!!  How can I trust his information…infancy.  Oh maybe he is like confuscious, the camera oracle of some sort.  So I watch the video and took a few shots.

Before WB settings

With Auto WB Setting on

Got to work on lighting next!!  But its getting better


Cardstock-Papertrye Ink


Stamp-Studio Calico June Kit of the Month



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