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Gettin Down at the work place

Digi Dancers Disco Digi Image by MayzyArt

Hi Peeps.

I get packages delivered to my office practically every day…sad I know.  I even got a call from the mail room today….LOL.  Sometimes I say, Oh yes! I remember I ordered that, lol.  Sign of too many packages…. hello……… my name is Emonie and I am a craftaholic….. want to join me (insert she-devil face)!  Here are a few pictures of  my office!  Notice anything not work related:

My Minds Eye 6×6 Paper Packs

Box of handmade cards

Box of Copics and Bic Mark Its

Lawd my office was out of control today!  Remember the call fom the mailroom….you guessed it Boo-YA!!!  Get Down Get Down…Jungle boogie…….My camera is here!!!

Canon Rebel T2i

Best Buy was on their game. I ordered the camera on Sunday, it arrived on Tuesday with free shipping!!

First a few Electronic Oaths.

– I will not let this device intimidate me.

– I will not dream about it.

-I will not talk about it to everyone I see (fingers secretly crossed behind back :))

-I will go back and get the accident warranty.

-I will let it know who is its mama!  It, He will be under my mind control..I will tell it to take outstanding pictures and He( I must name him) will obey. ..Logan..that’s it, his name is Logan.  First I must read his birthing papers(owners manual) so that I have total dominion!  Who is keeping score?

Emonie-brought Logan home from work safely, installed battery and installation disk

Logan-rode nicely in my bag all the way home.

Emonie 1 vs  Logan 0


Cardstock Papertrey

Image Mayzy Art

Embossing Folder Mbossabilities So Trendy

BTW, I took the card photo with Logan :).



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