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Celebrate In Style

Stampin Up Celebrate in Style Stamp Set

Hi Peeps!

Happy Sunday to you.

Hmmm my weekend…I made some cards, tore up some cardstock with the Gazelle, killed more cardstock with my new Martha Stewart Punches, errrands, got a  mani-pedi, ordered my new camera, went to lunch…errrrrrrr did u see…I got my new camera!!  A moment of silence——————————————————————–we may resume our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol I had an  appointment this morning so afterwards I decided to swing by…..Best Buy.  You know it….I want a new camera NOW!! I am tired of my pictures turning out like my camera took Nyquil!!! Hazy and foggy!   I am sure this camera will make me take better pictures……lol.  Hail to the gods of CNET they have the best reviews and I have had great success with their recommendations so naturally I went there first.  The Canon Rebel EOS T3i is the hot stuff according to the Gods.  Then I said to myself, self, you don’t need all the bells and whistles since I am updgrading from a point and shoot to a DSLR,you need to learn on a somewhat basic camera.  Its like when you begin sewing you purchase the   $79 sewing machine and after a month in you realize you should have purchased the $199 machine.  So I didn’t need the lexus but I didn’t want to Toyota Tercel either.  So I narrowed it down to a few things  I knew I wanted, a Canon recommended for a beginner, a camera with great reviews, ensure that the reviews were form people upgrading from a point and shoot to DSLR, and finally bundling abilities so I can take care of that expensive lens situation. I decided to go with the T2i with a telescopic lens.

pcmprd158800050006_sc.jpg Front Detail


BTW Best buy has better pricing in the stores than online….who knew!  This search has opened my eyes to a lot. I kept seeing BODY only.  What the heck does that mean….a  camera with no brain?????  No entrails?????  Who would by a camera case and why is it still $600!!!  Dear gods of CNET please help me to understand.  What I didn’t know is the lenses are the most part of your camera.  People who have previously owned camera only need the “body” because they already own their lenses.  OHHH…see now I am getting it.   Well knowing that tidbit about the lens I decided to go with the Canon Rebel EOS T2i bundle.  I will also be visiting my library for the the Canon rebel T2i book for dummies :).  If you want more information on upgrading from a point or shoot the internet is full of help information.  The Daily Digi has an excellent 2 part series Here  titled It’s time to buy a camera.

Naturally, you buy an electronic what about all the other stuff, tri-pod, remote, extra batteries, etc  I need to be taking my pictures in style. I am certain it will make me look like I know what I am doing!  LOL  I would not want to  riding down street on a Tiffany blue vespa…with my helmet on backward.  I don’t even own a camera bag…..ack..kool aid without the sugar.  So over the next few weeks I need to discover or make the super fly accessories, like these

Digital SLR messenger DSLR Padded Camera  Bag MINI womens camera case yellow-black-damask Sale Reg 70

Snugglens bag on Etsy

Jille_photo_bag-1720 copy.jpg

Jill-e photo bag

I want the Tan leather one please!!

and finally a sewing pattern!  YAY

Creatinghappinessblogspot tutorial



Supplies for the card

Cardstock Papetrey

Stampin up Stamp Set Celebrate in Style




4 thoughts on “Celebrate In Style

    • LOL..we will see. I am going to see if I can take some classes…they are just as expensive as the camera. A one day class is $195! Gonna see if they have some free ones online too!

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