Alvin Ailey Layouts



Happy Saturday peeps!  Long night for me I went to see Spiderman in 3D  it was fantastic!!!!!!  With that being said I didn’t get in until almost 1:30am…Wholey Moley! So no time for strategic card making so I decided to work on layouts.

I love the way other peoples  layouts look but I am not that good at it…but I will never give up!  I scour the internet looking for great layouts so that I can learn and make some really great pages. has a great FREE learn to scrapbook series of lesson that are fantastic too.

Now let me say I have only completed 2 layouts. My good friend told me that layouts are created side by side..who know.  That’s what friends are for, Thanks P!  So this morning I decided to make layouts that matched the other ones I had already completed, take a look.  I do not take the best pics, we all know this so I incorporated the Playbill and some ephemera in my layouts.


Echo Park For the Record Kit

Toodles, off to play with the gazelle!


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