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Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  I am taking a break to do some snooping…. see I wanted  a die cutting machine that would allow me to use SVG files.  We all know that Provo Craft put the Kabash on Sure cuts alot or any of the SVG file software for that matter.  Lets do a little education in the event you are not familiar with these terms.  SVG files stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, scrappers/Cardmakers use the images in die cutting machines.  I currently won a Cricut and a Cricut 2 Expressions but they do not allow the use of SVG grahics due to legal reasons…basically Provocraft sued the makers of Sure Cuts a Lots because they were losing cartridge sales.  Well that sucks…I began to research andI embarked upon this site, toptenreviews.  After researching I decided to get the Bosskut Gazelle.

Yay for me!!!  Ok it is costly but I am expecting miracles here! They even have Layaway….Go head! That is a great way to provide customer service since crafting can be really costly.  So here’s the deal if you want to put it on layaway give them a call, its that simple.  I pre-ordered mine with a deposit of $30.00 the balance is due upon invoice and free shipping.   I placed my order at the end of May…and I have been waiting in anticipation for my oPayPal Invoice.  So everyday  periodically I have been checking their site and good news:

Previously ordered pre orders are now shipping on a first in first out basis…wooo I was running in the house like the Tasmanian devil!  Then I read further, newly placed orders will be shipped out approximately July 20th- July 30th.   Oh no!  Am  I previously ordered or newly placed…I need dates people!!  Hopefully I am in the previously ordered category.

I have heard nothing but good things about this machine so I will post a review as soon as it arrives.  In the meanwhile here are some links to get you more familiar with SVG files and the Bosskut Gazelle.

Software; of sure cuts a lot software

Also Check out the free svg blog-for a donation of $5 you wil receive 270 SVG files.  Woo!

There are also several You tube videos as well



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