Slowww Downnnnn

Ok I spend my life staying being busy…running arouond…always on the go……I always have to be doing something….Never a dull or boring moment.  Well God continues to show me that I am the master of nothing…slow down….be still..learn to rest.

Summer is here!!  I am ready …
I had the fly hair going…super duper twists..I was wearing pink…pastel pink with a  little metallic flair..you know looking good for the warm weather.  Well that darn looking good hair took longer than I thought(as usual!)..so guess what…Now I am running LATE…ACK!!!  I am psycho when I am late!  FYI Well I put the final touches on the face, little mascara ..ohhh and lipstick a friend gave me.





This lipstick is metallic and matte..cool..buts is a little pastey…kinda Grace Jones like…..let me look closer…….It says Loose Eyeshadow.!!!!





I am leaving work rushing…I normally try and use the restroom right before I leave work.  My hour sometimes more commute can be stressfull if I don’t.    Well rushing..I didn’t!!  So I have to go SOOOOO bad I have get off the train at a stop earlier so I can run the the Mickie D’s!  I get off the stop like I stole something..run to McDonald (theme music here…Survivor, from Rocky) whew ….I bust in the bathroom door.  Relief, Good Lawd.  I wash my hands, look over and I thought to my self that’s interesting pink soap.  As I exit the door this is what I see……..












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