Wardrobe malfunctions

Summer is here! Warm weather, flip flops, beach, barbecue, that’s the good things right.  Well I have already seen the ugly side of summer, visible thongs, dirty bra straps, scuff marks on white flip flops, homemade daisy dukes…. and finally the summer dress code at the office. Do you see some graphics when you look closely…ick!




Ok do u see the issue here…these bums were sited at.the office….at a corporate office!  Leggings…unless you got a Rahab thing going on at night at no time should leggings be seen at the workplace! 
What happened to the slip…..Remember this..or let me introduce you to this..slip meet violator, violator meet slip.

Illusion Nylon Half Slip
remember the slip, you know half slip, whole slip, long slip…of u don’t know you slip it under your dress or skirt so we don’t see your nether regions!

 Cover up….Respect yourself, care about you, God does.



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