Picking Up Stitches

I have been working on my 1st knitted cardigan!!  Woo!!!!! I am Foolish Fierce nothing like a beginner diving right in ………right? Woo turns to ICK as I pick up a million stitches…Fail Fail Fail… I was having such a hard time until I went and snatched grabbed my 2.10 MM crochet hook, I was gone to town( Go me!)  Let me let you in on a little secret about my skillz  I would consider my handmade apparel items.. ugh sorta GC  Sounds fancy huh…like AX, or DKNY ..what is GC stand for you ask..Ghetto Couture.  They never come out quite like the pattern but they always end up chic! This pattern is called Crocus designed by Elizabeth Smith of it sells for $5.   Each time I take on a project I try and learn a new skills.  Here were my learnings….  M1L and M1R, Stripping and picking up sleeves.  Its taken me a while to finish, not because the pattern was complicated but because I must be the worlds LOOSEST and most distracted knitter.  Now I don’t mean being loose in a moral way but I knitted this entire sweater on a US size 0 and a 1.  I will be scheduling my surgery for carpel tunnel as soon as I am done. I also managed to finish 4 crochets projects too!

Here were my supplies:

Berrocco Yarn-Color way 5185 and 1102 from Hank of Yarn-Great Yarn shop..I even met Laura of theknitgirllls at their knit night.

Knit Picks fixed interchanges from Lacy’s Little Acre.

Purchased the Pattern from Ravelry, you can check out my other projects their too under username effervescence

I am almost done with my cardigan…GHETTO COUTURE ALERT!!!!   I decided not to add the buttons in the top collar……so lets see how it turns out…to be continued…….


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